How time tracking can be simple and automated


So… who likes filling up time sheets? Asking the question is basically answering it: hardly anyone, in fact. Let's here avoid sighs of exasperation at a task in appearance so simple, but in general so annoying. For employees… like employers. 

And why is that so? Ironically… because it’s time consuming. As most forget to fill up their timesheets on a daily basis, they find themselves doing it all in one go. Lack of assiduity on that matter results in loss of valuable working time and a great risk of errors. 

For others, time tracking means both insulting monitoring and a sign of mistrust from superiors. Well… a bit like when you’re a child! And there is nothing worse than feeling like a number valorized by the amount of hours worked instead of the work quality when comes the time to fill up your timesheet seriously.

Basically, time tracking has a bad reputation. All these negative impressions, although unfortunately sometimes justified, should not, however, define it nor hold you back from using it.

An easy solution for everyone: Take the time to explain to your team members how time tracking is an essential tool for your business’s strategy.

A good popularization of the method can work miracles as time tracking, in management, means so much more than just monitoring. And with a tool like Chronoscope, not only can you have an up-to-date overview of your team, but above all, it gives you detailed project reports and insights that will ease your decision-making.

Leave Nothing to Chance

It’s hard to believe that in 2020, using spreadsheets like Excel for time tracking, that essentially imply manual time entry, remains a standard. Not only are they outdated and at a high risk of errors, but with this kind of system, you can forget about data entry automation and automatic and real-time reporting.

How can you get there, then?

By using an automated and integrated user-friendly time tracking system that collects and increases data accuracy.

And quite frankly… it’s as easy as a pie! With an automated assistant like Chronoscope, no more headaches: it ensures that all team members enter their data daily… using a single click. It is THE solution, because it’s a smart, easy-to-use work tool that does all the hard work behind the scenes for you. Can anyone top that?

The Not-So-Famous Change

 Is change really this hard? Chronoscope integrates into your existing ecosystem and supports everyone in their time management. It automatically creates pre-filled timesheets, sends reminders and detects potential errors. In other words, you can work as you always did, but as a bonus, you will now be entitled to the best of an automated platform: a minimum of time invested for maximum results.

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