Product Launch: automate your time tracking with Chronoscope!

Chronoscope has landed!

We are proud to announce that after using Chronoscope internally and with our beta users for the last few months, Chronoscope is now publicly available!

This is no small news: Chronoscope completely liberates you from thinking about tracking your time and lets you focus on getting real work done.

In other words, Chronoscope automates your time tracking - and it should make you really happy, because everyone hates tracking their time!


In order to remove the burden of tracking your time, Chronoscope integrates with the tools you use daily, gathers bits of information and populates your timesheets for you.

Chronoscope is launching with an integration with Slack, Google Calendar and Jira.

Other good news: more integrations are coming (Teams, Asana, Microsoft Calendar and many more!)

Slack Integration

After you link your Slack workspace to your Chronoscope workspace, you and your team will get daily pre-filled timesheets via a super simple interactive message that looks like this:

Slack Automated Time Tracking

You can then confirm it is accurate, make changes, or ignore it.

In all cases, the time is logged anyways.

Jira Integration

Jira is a widely used ticketing system and when queried correctly, it can return very valuable information about the work you achieved in a day.

Project Synchronisation

After you link your Chronoscope workspace to a Jira account, your Jira projects will be imported in your Chronoscope workspace. You will then be able to log time on these projects. Most importantly, Chronoscope will be able to log time for you on these projects :)

Ticket monitoring

As you update your Jira boards, Chronoscope gathers information and incrementally draws your time sheet for the day. Chronoscope does not only reduce manual entries, but also ensures you have good Jira hygiene, which will make any team lead / manager very happy.

You know the saying: happy manager, happy life!

Google Calendar Integration

You already have a lot of details about your day in your calendar and we think it makes no sense having to manually translate it in timesheets at the end of the week. Doing things manually means you WILL make errors and you WILL forget things.

That is why the calendar integration is so shiny - your time sheets will automatically take into consideration your calendars and draft a very precise suggestion of how your time was spent.

Early Adopter Package

Join us now and benefit from the Early Access Package: you get the Pro package for free for a limited time, followed by a permanent free 10 Pro user license bundle.

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