Bring predictability to your projects

Data-driven platform that makes you proactive instead of reactive

Integrated to your tools

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Tools used by engineering teams everyday generates a lot of data isolated in silos. Combined, this data says a lot about the areas of focus, potential R&D work patterns, and can be used to identify small changes that will drive significant outcomes.

The data can be crossed with other tools to bring additional dimensions that can help make better business decisions.

Automated time tracking

Chronoscope automatically creates pre-filled timesheets, sends reminders and helps managers by detecting potential errors in timesheets.

Chronoscope does all the hard work behind the scenes for you. Just work like you are used to and Chronoscope does the rest.

Built-in Insights

Benefit from pre-configured dashboards to track key metrics to ensure engineering efforts are generating business value.

  • Hours spent per project
  • R&D eligible work in time and dollars
  • Project financials
  • Project health metrics

R&D Automation

Get a real-time view of how much money you will claim for each R&D projects you work on. The R&D assistant allows you to use the categorized data to incrementally build your claims and redact the content through the platform.

The assistant is also a bridge to our extensive partner network, via which you can use R&D consulting services, find other programs and subsidies that could apply to your business and R&D financing.

Recommendation Engine COMING SOON

Chrono Apps identifies trends and generates recommendations based on signals aggregated from your existing tools.

The recommendation engine identifies trends and patterns in your data and delivers recommendations to ensure profitability, maximize R&D claims, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.