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Chronoscope + Jira

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Time Tracking for Jira

Connecting Jira allows Chronoscope to analyze tasks that are being worked on so time entries can be created for you and your team everyday.  There are no manual actions required, no timers to start and no amount of time to manually enter.

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Automated Time Tracking

You are already using Jira everyday to manage your tasks, why add more steps to your day-to-day? Simply keep using Jira and let Chronoscope analyze tasks you are working to generate time entries and build precise time sheets for you and your team - automatically. You free your mind of timers: Chronoscope pushes timesheets directly in Slack, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex, pre-populated with data from coming from your favorite tools like Jira, Asana, Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar and many more.

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