R&D Tax Credits Automation

Automatically optimize and speed up your R&D claims.

Integrated to your tools

Integrated into your ecosystem, the intelligent assistant supports everyone in their time management.

Automatic categorization

Chrono R&D's powerful AI assists R&D managers in categorizing their team's work into meaningful and clustered activities.

This ensures a strong foundation when it comes to identifying R&D projects and gathering relevant time entries throughout the year.

Optimization recommendations

As R&D projects are identified, Chrono R&D automatically identifies and recommends you potentially eligible work that is currently not included in the project's scope.

These recommendations have been established and polished by R&D experts.

Claim assistant

Get a real-time view of how much money you will claim for each R&D projects you work on. The R&D assistant allows you to use the categorized data to incrementally build your claims and redact the content through the platform.

The assistant is also a bridge to our extensive partner network, via which you can use R&D consulting services, find other programs and subsidies that could apply to your business and R&D financing.