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Let's go back in time.

During a brainstorm session, we asked our team what kind of challenges they faced on a daily basis. Based on the answers shared, we realized that these regular shortcomings could be remedied with a high-quality time measurement solution. It had to be something that was reliable, precise, and easy to use. From this concept, an idea was born. Next, the idea had to be brought to life.

Cancun, Mexico - January 2020

To focus on the design of this idea, the first Chrono Innovation development team packed up their ambitious ideas and headed to Mexico for a retreat. It was here, in a beautiful Mexican villa, where our Chronoscope time tracking tool became a reality.

Each day, we ideated, innovated, and created during outdoor, poolside work sessions. We enjoyed nourishing, authentic Mexican food prepared by a caring Mexican cook. We soaked up the hot sun and befriended the ever-adorable coati.

Each night, we relaxed over seaside dinners, took in the variety of talented street entertainment, and bonded over endless laughter.

From day one, Chrono has believed that the best results come from joint efforts. Combine that teamwork with a lot of fun, and the result is more than just a job — 
it’s a passion.

Meet Our Founders

Philippe Gratton one of our co-founders and Chief Product Officer

Philippe Gratton

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

Philippe was born in Montréal, Canada. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Montreal ETS in 2011.

Phil is known for being an active listener and accountable leader with a growth mindset. He is a foodie and always in for a good laugh.

Jean-Gabriel Philippe one of our co-founders and Chief Technology Officer at Chrono Innovation

Jean-Gabriel Philippe

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

JG graduated from his Bachelor degree in Software Engineering at the Montreal ETS in 2011.

He always enjoys a good laugh.Jokes aside, JG is an active person who loves skiing and cycling.

In the past years, he has discovered a passion for Triathlon.  If you want to make him happy, bring him a good poutine with extra cheese or a good glass of Macallan Scotch Whisky.

Diogo Barry our Chief Revenue Officer at Chrono Innovation

Diogo Barry

Co-founder, Chief Revenue Officer

Diogo was born in Guinea, West Africa. He graduated from his Bachelor in Business Administration at the UQAM in 2010.

Diogo is an experienced manager, a visionary and a hard worker. He is always in for a good laugh over a drink. He sure knows how to host a pool party! Diogo always gives his all, in his personal or professional life.

Our vision

Our vision is more time to grow.

Time is part invention and part intangible phenomenon.

It’s measurable, it’s limited, and it’s infinitely valuable.

Time is the one thing everyone wishes they had more of, and that’s where we come in.

The products and services we offer our partners introduce efficiencies, implement practices, and establish procedures that ultimately create more time to grow.

Time to grow can translate to a new capacity to scale a company.

It can create an opportunity for product or professional development. It can be the crucial advantage that fearless small-medium businesses can capitalize on to achieve their goals.

Time to grow leads to momentum, evolution, and innovation.

Time to grow is the gift we give our partners.

Our mission

Our mission is to arm upstarts with tools to adapt and thrive quicker.

Our partners are enterprises on the cusp of doing something incredible.

They’re ready to grow, to succeed, and to challenge the status quo, and we arm them with advantages that’ll make it all happen.

The thing with upstarts — the disruptors, the rebels — is that time is always of the essence. They strike when the iron’s hot, and carpe every single second of every single diem.

Our partners are fearless people of action who want to change things for the better. But, as they say, good things take time, so we create solutions that help them act with decisive, purposeful speed.

We build long-term relationships with our partners because we want to be the ones they turn to when the next opportunity to challenge, pivot, or adapt arises. We want to be instrumental to their growth.

We deliver innovative and creative solutions so our partners can remain focused, nimble, and daring.

We will grow with you

In the Chrono Innovation universe, growth doesn’t happen alone. Instead, it’s a result of brave, bold, creative collaboration. It’s the result of the partnerships we build and the incredible talent we attract. 

Our team consists of daring, precise, adventurous, and wise people who’ve worked hard in their careers to arrive at a place where bold newness is embraced, not feared.

We’re always on the lookout for bright minds. The work we do involves creativity, passion, and a love of shared success. Let’s achieve greatness and growth together.

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