Software Recruitment Perfected by Software Engineers

Your dream team awaits. We recruit individuals and assemble custom teams to fit your company’s culture and goals. We work with care and transparency to bring you the right pros at the right time.

Our Impact

Chrono Talent specializes in every aspect of the software development cycle.

Our expert-led vetting process and engineer-conducted interviews guarantee that only the most skilled candidates are presented. We focus on saving our clients significant time by providing a select, high-quality pool of candidates, meticulously tailored to meet their specific technical and cultural needs. This approach eliminates the cumbersome need to start from scratch with each candidate, thereby streamlining the hiring process.

Our commitment is towards quality and precision, ensuring that each candidate is not just a fit, but the perfect fit for your unique requirements.

How we work

Our recruitment process is designed to streamline your talent acquisition journey while ensuring quality and precision every step of the way.


We gather role requirements, and immerse ourselves in your culture, values and vision.

Engineer Led Interview

Our experts assess candidates with technical questions and coding challenges, ensuring top talent.

Performance Based Recommendation

For candidates who excel in our challenges, we promptly share with you the candidate, along with all notes and transcripts

Premium Talent Solutions

Our extensive network and rigorous vetting process ensure that only the most qualified professionals make it to your interview table.

Permanent Hiring
Staff Augmentation
Dedicated Squads