Build your MVP and go to market in 3 months

Our product squads will design and build a custom application within weeks. By leveraging our platform, we're capable of providing a high quality, fast and cost effective solution.

Our Impact

Chrono turns your vision into a marketable product in 3 months. Leveraging our platform, we are able to design, implement, deliver, and host your application.

The result is an application that has a strong foundation to scale upon, running in a managed cloud infrastructure, with all the support you need to maximize grants and tax credits to fund your innovative product.

How we work

We see your MVP as a product, not just as an application. There is a lot happening behind a successful product. As technical founders, we understand your reality as well as your challenges, and we are there to fill the gaps and pave the way for success.

Discovery (1-2 weeks)

We gather all the information we need to help you build and solidify your strategy, scope the right MVP, build your roadmap and design your product. Based on the specific set of skills your product requires, it is assigned to the right squad.

Implementation (8-10 weeks)

We set up all the required dev tooling in your accounts, such as git repositories, CI / CD pipelines, cloud environments, analytics and monitoring. The team iteratively builds the product, gathering your feedback through regular demos. The result is a fully functional MVP, ready to put in your first customer’s hands.

Iterative Development

After releasing the MVP, the squad can continue working iteratively on your product, adding new features and polishing it.

Provide Hosting and Support

Offer hosting options and ongoing support to ensure the stability and performance of the MVP for scaling and growth.

Building on Strong Foundations to Scale

Chrono invested years of work into our internal tooling to be able to deliver cost-effective software, reliably and swiftly.

UI / UX Design
Multidisciplinary Squads
No Vendor Lock