A modern service delivery platform to automate decisions and processes, through a customer-centric journey.


Chrono Innovation helps small, medium, and large corporations in their digital transformation. We thrive by bringing improvements in process automation.
Data Visualization

Increases visibility and shapes future outcomes

Unify and Deliver

Empowers team collaboration to do high value work

Workflow Automation

Creates intelligent workflows that automate decisions and experiences

Design and Transform

Re imagine highly personalized models


To drive a new era of collaborative development, growth and productivity.
To create a world class platform in a user centric organization that is exceptional at collaborative experiences and put people at the heart of enterprise software,  in a way that scales for accelerated growth, transition to digital transformation and strives to support improvements in process automation.​​ Drive a new era of collaborative development, growth and productivity.
Revolves around the people.

At Chrono Innovation, we truly believe that transformation and automation is when you take your business process and design out human involvement.



automated time tracking

Automate your time tracking

The automated and integrated time tracking assistant that helps you track accurately your time without any worries.

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