Adapt and thrive quicker with innovative, creative solutions.

You’re on the cusp of doing something incredible. You’re ready to grow, you’re poised to succeed, and you’re hungry for new ways to reach the finish line first.

Our suite of apps and services will equip you with the tools you need to adapt and thrive quicker. A partnership with Chrono Innovation is your ultimate advantage.

It’s about acceleration. It’s about collaboration. It’s about time.

Our Partners

Our clients are more than just clients, they’re our partners. Meet the partners we’ve collaborated, created, and grown with.

We give you more time.

Time is the one thing everyone wishes they had more of. That’s where we come in. We’ve developed high-performing apps and sophisticated, customizable services that take your project from concept to implementation quickly. Through automation, integration, and innovation, we offer ultra-efficient solutions that manage the details, level up your processes, and ultimately create more time for you to scale your business.

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What would you do with more time?

Scale your company

Prioritize product development

Seize advantages, conquer goals

Give your R&D division a resource boost

Explore new funding programs

Pursue professional development

Chrono Apps

Technology exists to simplify our lives. Let our mighty trio of apps do just that. Whether you want to track time, maximize tax credits, or leverage data, Chrono Apps take the work out of your business.

Our R&D tax credits automation makes quick work of your R&D claims, monitors project scope, and recommends time-saving optimizations.

A business intelligence tool that gives you precise and meaningful insight on your projects

The automated and integrated time-tracking assistant built for software engineering teams.


As your partners, you can count on us to deliver customized, ultra-smart advantages and efficiencies that give you more time to grow.

Chrono Talent

Innovative goals call for elite ensembles.

Chrono Connect

Seamless collaboration meets expert innovation.

Chrono Solutions

Software engineering, made to measure.

Chrono Solutions

Software engineering, made to measure. Our completely customized, fully optimized, and totally transparent approach means that you get exactly the support you need from a dedicated team of experts you can trust. It’s the perfect solution.

Chrono Connect

Put your focus on what matters most, and leave the rest to us. We’ll manage and develop ultra-efficient HealthTech platform integrations that’ll give you more time to adapt, grow, and accelerate.

Chrono Talent

Your dream team awaits. We recruit individuals and assemble custom teams to fit your company’s culture and goals. We work with care and transparency to bring you the right pros at the right time.

Innovate. Accelerate. Scale.

Take your next project to the next level. A Chrono Innovation partnership is rooted in transparency and shaped by a passion for shared success. It’s how we make great things happen.

Get ready for the fresh ideas, smart efficiencies, and custom solutions that’ll give you more time to grow.

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"The team is very oriented toward our business and product success, and team members are very engaged."

Alex Gignac Head of Engineering, Summer

"They were an integral part of our team."

COO, Software Development Company

"Chrono Innovation is very committed to projects, and they work harder than they bill us for."

Philippe Chartrand CEO, Empego

"The ease of working with them was impressive."

Olivier Rivard CTO, Ordigraphe

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Chrono Innovation

As a people-first tech company, we really care about who we partner with. We’re all about long-term partnerships that make a difference, personally and professionally. But we’re not boring about it. We partner with people who are tired of the status quo. For us, it’s out with the old and in with the innovative.

We partner with people who want to cause a stir in their industry and know that the right tech solutions will help make it happen. We partner with extraordinary doers, valiant disruptors, and motivated trailblazers. We live to collaborate with the passionate, the energetic, and the curious.

If this sounds like the partnership of your dreams, let’s get in touch.

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Chrono Innovation

If you believe that the greatest moves are made before the competition even knows there’s a game afoot, and if you value the momentum and power of bold, brave innovation, you’re in the right place.

An investment in Chrono Innovation is an investment in the belief that there is always a better way to achieve, excel, and grow. That better way may not even exist yet, but as innovators and creators, that’s what we do every day with the people and businesses we partner with.

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We will grow with you

In the Chrono Innovation universe, growth doesn’t happen alone. Instead, it’s a result of brave, bold, creative collaboration. It’s the result of the partnerships we build and the incredible talent we attract. 

Our team consists of daring, precise, adventurous, and wise people who’ve worked hard in their careers to arrive at a place where bold newness is embraced, not feared.

We’re always on the lookout for bright minds. The work we do involves creativity, passion, and a love of shared success.Let’s achieve greatness and growth together.

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