We build software solutions efficiently.

Software development services powered by a platform that manages R&D tax credits, grants, cloud infrastructure, talent, engineering efficiency, and more.

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Chrono covers the full software development lifecycle, allowing your team to focus on business growth.

  • Build your MVP
    More than writing code, we partner with you to strategically build production ready applications in 3 months.
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  • Software Development
    From dedicated squads of experts to co-development, we help accelerate your roadmap and hit your targets.
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  • DevOps & Cloud
    Build your infrastructure from scratch, or deploy directly to a managed cloud environment, without vendor locking.
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  • Talent
    From permanent hiring to staff augmentation, we find the right software engineering talent, ensuring quality through rigorous due diligence processes.
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"From the project's inception, Chrono Innovation became an integral part of our team, contributing not just as an external development resource but as collaborative architects of our digital vision. They played a crucial role in defining and refining our objectives, ensuring that our MVP aligned with our business goals."

Alex Gignac Head of Engineering, Summer

"Chrono Innovation seamlessly integrated into our team, providing not just a fractional CTO but a strategic partner invested in our success. Their expertise, especially in healthcare, made them the ideal choice. The results have been transformative — our revenue has witnessed significant growth since the initiation of our collaboration."

Philippe Chartrand CEO, Empego

"What sets Chrono Innovation apart is not just their technical prowess but their commitment to client success. Their openness to feedback and dedication to enhancing our efficiency have made them an invaluable partner."

Olivier Rivard CTO, Ordigraphe

"Chrono Innovation delivered the project on time, meeting the client's expectations. They communicated frequently and promptly in person and via virtual meetings, ensuring an effective workflow. Their sheer dedication, flexibility, and work culture were hallmarks of their work."

Maxime Theoret, CPA - CEO & Co-Founder, QUOTUS

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The Chrono Platform Advantage

At the heart of Chrono Innovation's services is our engineering operations platform, allowing you to efficiently allocate resources, maximize R&D returns and accelerate roadmap delivery. Our solution includes:

  • R&D tax credits & grant management
  • Automated time tracking
  • Engineering operations insights
  • Resource allocation
  • DevOps & cloud scaffolding
  • Talent recruitment & staff augmentation
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Research and Development

Let us do the talking with R&D consultants.

We're dedicated to supporting businesses in harnessing the power of research and development (R&D) tax credits and grants to fuel their growth and innovation.

  • Audit-Ready Evidence
    We create comprehensive R&D evidence that meets the requirements of tax authorities and grant agencies.

  • R&D tracking and Forecasting
    Measure and track your R&D projects and grants to maximize ROI.

  • Claims Facilitation
    Chrono works with R&D consultants to ensure clarity and cover up to 40% of the cost of building your solution.

Build With Us

SaaS Products

Build scalable SaaS products and administration dashboards.

Mobile Applications

Quickly build native applications using cross platform frameworks.


Design, implement, and support your API.


Connect and exchange data between applications.


Dev tooling and CI/CD to build and deploy code to the cloud.

Managed Cloud

Provisioning, monitoring, and maintaining cloud infrastructure.

Our Partners

Centech, a renowned technology and business incubator, stands at the forefront of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. With a mission to propel startups to new heights, Centech provides a supportive ecosystem, enabling businesses to thrive in the dynamic landscape of technology and beyond.

The synergy between Chrono Innovation and Centech is rooted in a shared vision of empowering startups for success. Our commitment to fueling growth aligns seamlessly with Centech's mission. By joining forces, we aim to provide startups with the technological prowess, community support, and cost-effective solutions needed to navigate the challenges of early-stage development.

Together, Chrono Innovation and Centech strive to create an environment where startups not only survive but thrive, setting the stage for innovative breakthroughs and long-term success.

Our Partner Boreal-Ventures, supporting the most promising science-based startups across Canada

Boreal Ventures is a forward-thinking fund committed to nurturing the growth of innovative businesses. With a focus on strategic support, financial backing, and mentorship, Boreal plays a vital role in propelling the success of startups, contributing to the dynamic landscape of emerging enterprises.

This collaboration is grounded in a shared commitment to supporting startups, combining Boreal's financial backing and mentorship with Chrono's role as a growth accelerator.

By uniting Boreal's financial backing and mentorship with Chrono's growth acceleration services, businesses gain access to a powerful support system. This includes non-dilutive credits, coupled with a range of services such as coaching, mentoring, technical sessions, software development squads, cloud infrastructure, interoperability, talent recruitment, and complimentary access to the Chrono platform.

Plakett, a leader in digital transformation within the healthcare sector, is dedicated to innovation and technological advancement. Their commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare industry aligns seamlessly with Chrono Innovation's mission to accelerate digital transformation. Together, we embark on a journey to provide comprehensive solutions, empowering clients to realize their projects with unparalleled efficiency.

The collaboration between Chrono Innovation and Plakett signifies a commitment to excellence in the healthcare technology landscape. By combining Plakett's expertise in healthcare solutions with Chrono Innovation's proficiency in digital transformation, we aim to deliver a holistic approach to address the diverse needs of both public and private healthcare networks.

This partnership brings forth a fusion of digital knowledge and healthcare expertise, creating a powerful synergy to drive innovation from patient care to continuous monitoring, without overlooking critical processes and frontline actors.