Clutch Names Chrono Innovation as one of the Game-Changing App Developers in Montreal

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At Chrono, we build software solutions efficiently. We gain our partners' trust by being open, truthful, and dependable in our delivery. Over the years, we built a platform on which we ourselves operate. This platform is what allows us to be the trusted ally our clients need to be cost effective, move fast and hit their roadmap.

Our commitment to helping our clients transform their businesses into successes has enabled us to position ourselves as top of mind when it comes to product and software development. Today, we are adding another one as Clutch names us as one of the game-changing App Developers in Montreal.

To those of you who don’t know Clutch, they are a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. They evaluate technology service and solutions companies based on the quality of work, thought leadership, and client reviews. A rapidly expanding startup, Clutch has become the go-to resource in the agency space.

With that being said, we would like to celebrate this milestone by showcasing some of our favourite reviews on Clutch! Here they are:

“Our revenue has grown a lot since we started working with Chrono Innovation. Additionally, we haven’t had any important problems with the products they’ve helped us develop, and they react very quickly whenever we have bugs or issues. For us, it was very important that our partner was very responsive, and they’ve been so thus far. Chrono Innovation’s founders are technical people, so they’re very good at understanding their client’s needs to ensure they don’t make costly mistakes. They’re very technology-oriented and talented people who help make good business decisions.”
- CEO of Empego, Philippe Chartrand

“We’ve been impressed with Chrono Innovation’s partnership, integrity, transparency, accountability, and work ethic. They’ve never tried to sell us something that we don’t know. They bring us ideas, but they’re also the first to tell us to cut down on scope or do something different to improve it. The team is very oriented toward our business and product success, and team members are very engaged. We’ve also hit it off with the quality of their work and choice of technologies. Everything has been done well, and we feel like part of the team.”
- Head of Engineering at Summer, Alex Gignac

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