Go Summer

How Chrono Innovation helped Go Summer go to market in 4 months with an iOS, Android and Web Application



We had four months to have a live app — interacting with a property management platform, as well as multiple short-term rental applications — available on the App Store.

Intricate Structure

With many moving parts involved within a short timeline, quick decision making was essential. We had to move swiftly, but with determination and incredible control.



We knew we needed to make the client’s operations available in a platform format to allow for growth and future development of related apps and services.


We recruited their Head of Engineering and helped assemble an internal core engineering team. 


We needed our work to consist of lean building blocks that could easily scale to support the platform's growth.

The team we built

1 product owner

1 tech lead

3 fullstack developers

1 devops

What we used







The Process

Step 1


Through a discovery phase, our team collaborated with the client’s team to align on the vision, the mission, and the roadmap. As a result, we determined the problems to solve and proposed solutions that would create concrete value.

Step 2

Solution design

Since the MVP had to hit the App Store in just four months, we had to find a way to move swiftly without compromising the quality of the product. 

Early in the project, we had discussions around “buy vs build” and made sure that our solution would integrate with existing platforms instead of re-building them from scratch. 

The key element of this process was to make sure that we were not so tightly coupled to these platforms that we couldn’t part ways if future requirements were not met.

With our solution in mind, we built the best Chrono Squad to make the project a success.

Step 3

Iterative sprints

The first sprint focused on implementing the proper tools so that the development team could collaborate efficiently and iterate quickly. 

We built a lean and scalable infrastructure on AWS using Terraform to allow us to create the "dev", “test” and “production” environments we needed. 

Next, we tackled the CI and CD pipelines using Github Actions to ensure every engineer could merge and test their work with their colleague’s work.

What we built

iOS Application

Android Application

Web Application


Cloud Infrastructure

The Results

One codebase to rule them all

To allow for streamlined updates and simplified future maintenance, we created a single codebase that served as the source code for multiple iOS, Android and Web applications.

Interoperable platform

With scalability in mind, we developed an interoperable platform that would allow a wide range of applications and systems to communicate and share data simply and easily.

Goals: exceeded

Not only did our team create a product that met the requirements within the short timeline, but the product wildly exceeded the business goals that our client set.

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