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Connect Chronoscope to Asana

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Time Tracking for Asana

Connecting Asana allows Chronoscope to analyze tasks that are being worked on so time entries can be created for you and your team everyday.  There are no manual actions required, no timers to start and no amount of time to manually enter.

Automated Time Tracking

Asana is a popular project management tool, and for good reason. It's flexible, customizable, and easy to use. With Chronoscope, you can make it even more powerful with automated time tracking.

With Chronoscope, you can easily see how much time is being spent on each task, and even get reports on where time is being spent across your whole team. This information can be invaluable in optimizing your workflow and ensuring that everyone is productive.

Plus, automated time tracking means that you don't have to worry about filling out time sheets or manually logging hours. Everything is taken care of for you, so you can focus on your work, not on administrative tasks.

If you're looking for a tool that can help you manage your projects and keep track of time, then Asana combined with Chronoscope's automated time tracking is an excellent option.