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The Chrono Platform is the data-driven solution for engineering leaders

Align R&D resources to business goals

Software development is crucial for business success. Chrono Platform enables engineering leaders to demonstrate how their teams propel the business forward.

R&D tax credits & grant management

Automated time tracking

Resource allocation

Engineering operations insights

DevOps & cloud scaffolding

Talent recruitment & staff augmentation

Chronoscope platform R&D module and project time entries section screenshot.

Providing impactful insights and tools that drive efficient delivery

Efficiently allocate resources

Understand where engineering effort is being spent to improve planning and forecasting. And make more informed decisions to align your teams with the needs of the business.

Accelerate roadmap delivery

Capacity on demand for your software needs, backed by multidisciplinary squads of experts, supported by tooling to deliver high quality solutions faster.

Improve operational efficiency

Achieve peak efficiency, supported by data-driven decision-making and actionable insights.

Track and capitalize R&D

Unlock the full potential of your R&D initiatives, streamlining processes and enhancing predictability in non-dilutive funding sources. No manual time tracking required.


more non-dilutive funding


faster software delivery


faster to report on KPIs

For Software Engineering Leaders

Engineering & Product Leaders

Track, measure and allocate resources to maximize business impact.

Engineering Managers

Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of your team.

Engineering & Product Ops

Scale and measure developer efficiency.


Anticipate and dig into reliable software costs and R&D attribution.

Connect tools across your entire SDLC

Puzzle pieces representing integration of our tool with other products


The Chrono Platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, including:

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