Chronoscope + Office 365 Calendar

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in time entries

Connect Chronoscope
to Office 365 Calendar

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Time Tracking for Office 365 Calendar

Connecting Office 365 Calendar allows Chronoscope to analyze calendar events and translate them into time entries for you and your team everyday. There are no manual actions required, just link all your calendars to Chronoscope and receive pre-filled timesheets.

Automated Time Tracking

Your calendar already represents events that occurred in your day of work, why add extra steps to convert them in timesheets? Simply connect your calendars to Chronoscope and watch your timesheets get delivered to you and your team directly in Slack, Teams or Webex. With automated time tracking in Office 365 Calendar, you can say goodbye to those tedious manual time entries. Now, your calendar can do the work for you! Simply connect your account and all of your upcoming events will be pre-filled in your timesheet. Plus, since it's all integrated with Calendar, you can easily keep track of your hours and see where your time is being spent. So go ahead and make the switch to automated time tracking today!

The more tools you connect, the more precise your timesheets will be. Calendar integrations combine very well with project management tools like Jira, Asana and many more.