Time Tracking for Engineering Leaders

Build insightful time data by integrating into your existing development environment, automating time categorization, and creating R&D evidence.

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Chronoscope Platform Overview. Screenshot of time tracking and categorization tool.

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Automating repetitive time tracking tasks.

Gain comprehensive visibility into how time is being spent across projects and teams, enabling better resource allocation and optimization

Time Categorization
Automatically categorize time spent on different tasks, broken down into projects and activities, eliminating the need for manual entry and ensuring accurate time tracking.
Chronoscope platform R&D module and project time entries section screenshot.
Seamless Integration
Integrate seamlessly into your existing environment, including project management tools, calendars, and chat applications
Chronoscope Product Integrations map
R&D Evidence
Generate Detailed R&D evidence effortlessly, capturing every step of your research and development process for future reference and compliance purposes
Chronoscope platform R&D module and project time entries section screenshot.

How it works

Step 1


Connect the Chrono Platform to your existing developmetn tools and systems

Step 2


The platform automatically captures and categorizes time data based on user activity and project context.

Step 3


Access detailed reports and insights on time usage, R&D activities, and project breakdowns in real-time.

Puzzle pieces representing integration of our tool with other products


Chronoscope integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, including:

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